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Should I Eat Fat?

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A lot of weight loss programmes would probably answer this question with an emphatic NO!Many programmes, groups and plans rely on the low fat principle – that you put little or no fat into your body and you will burn … Read More

Are you getting enough sleep?

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Chances are if you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, need more than one alarm or are a constant snoozer that you’re not getting the amount of sleep your body needs.When you are getting enough sleep you shouldn’t need … Read More

Transform your body this year!

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Crossley Fitness Ultra-Intense 12-week Programme:This is a highly intensive 12-week programme designed to radically alter your shape and achieve your goals.This is designed specifically for fatloss and toning so if you’re fed up of the body that you’re in and you’re … Read More

5 Step to Maintaining your Fitness Goals in 2016

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Have you set yourself a goal for 2016? Or maybe you have a vague idea of how you’d like to feel or look in 12 months’ time? The best way to achieve these goals is to set out a plan … Read More

Winter Workout Ideas

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This time of year can be pretty demotivating. You may have put weight on over Christmas or had a break from your usual fitness regime or class and are feeling the difference (and not in a good way). But that … Read More

Look Great and Feel Sexy

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The countdown to V-day (Valentine’s) has begun and before you know it the shops will be full of pink and red greetings cards, flowers, balloons and chocolates. How about this year you give YOURSELF a little Valentine’s treat by committing … Read More

All about body fat percentages

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What is body fat percentage? One of the jobs of a Personal Trainer is to understand your body composition, what your unique body is made up of, and then to help you reach your goals; this may be fat loss, … Read More

5 Top Tips for Avoiding Fat Gain over Christmas

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Christmas doesn’t need to be a time of weight gain (for weight read FAT), feeling lethargic, guilty and rotten. It also doesn’t need to leave you feeling fatter, slower and more tired in January. With a little bit of planning … Read More