1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions in Strathearn

Personal Training sessions tailored to your goals specifically for health, fitness, weight Loss, toning and beginning to exercise in and around Perth, Crieff and the surrounding areas.

Whether you’re an experienced fitness enthusiast and would like to get back on track, would like to lose weight, tone up or fit into a smaller size or have never set eyes upon a Kettlebell in your life I can tailor a programme for you.

Image: lose weightLose Weight and keep it off

  • Got a few extra pounds of fat you’d like to shift?
  • Overweight and don’t want to be?
  • Getting married and want to fit into a smaller dress size?
  • Tired of feeling sluggish? Or do you want rid of that mid-afternoon slump?

I can tailor programmes specifically designed to blast fat and help you take steps towards a lighter, trimmer, healthier you.

Tone up and feel slimmer

  • Got bingo wings?
  • Muffin top?
  • Love handles?
  • Wobbly thighs?

I can design individual toning programmes to target your specific problem zones leaving you with a leaner, more toned and defined body.

Crossley Fitness offers Intense, Jump-start or Introduction Programmes that range from twice to four times a week depending on your goals. Programmes are tailored to individual needs and goals. Sessions can be in-person or online.

I can guarantee you won’t be bored, you won’t be forced to do exercises that you hate and I will keep you working hard, motivated and inspired to continue!

New to exercise or back after a long break

  • Are you a complete newbie who would like to lose weight or tone up?Image: personal training at the park
  • Worried about exercising but desperate to make a change?
  • Feel intimidated by gyms or muscle-bound PT’s?

I can design programmes that can ease you into exercise by starting out slowly and trying out different modes of exercise to see what suits you and what you enjoy the most. I can help you lose that fear of fitness and increase your health levels. I am a normal working mum who has been where you are and felt the exact same things – I can navigate you through your fitness journey to a healthier destination on the other side.

Where will we train?

That’s up to you. For 1-2-1 in-person training I am happy to come to your house and do home training, or we can work out in the great outdoors or in a local park. Or choose my online programme to fit around your commitments like family, hobbies and work. Or we can choose a combination to suit your life, your schedule – you’re the boss!

Sessions will be scheduled at times to suit you and all Personal Training clients will have access to text/email support.