Yes! Fitness Membership


Yes! Fitness Membership Basic

  • 12-week workout plan – to keep challenging your body
  • Group Coaching (in the form of Q&A, Live videos, Sprints and more)
  • Accountability and support within the group
  • Access to the Private Healthy Habit Fix group – where we go over the nutrition side (usually £25 per month)
  • Weekly check-ins – so we can monitor your progress (optional but highly recommended)
  • Coaching from Jennifer Bulcock (Nutrition Consultant)
  • Mindset and behavioural advice from Mindset with Maureen (within the Habit Fix Group)
  • The complete Habit Fix ebook, Nutrition Tracker and all the Habit Fix Recipe Ebooks
  • NEW Recipe eBook EVERY MONTH!
  • Coaching from me – Nic Crossley (Personal Trainer, Run Coach and general evil task master!!)
  • Monthly podcast with myself and Jennifer Bulcock – talking all things exercise and nutrition

*Terms and Conditions apply



The Yes! Fitness Membership is an amazing programme and support community allowing you to stay committed to your ongoing journey towards better health.

Having a group of like-minded people that are going through a similar journey to you can be the extra factor that helps you to stay motivated and on track.

I want you to meet your goals and feel completely supported on an ongoing basis.

*Because of the materials you must sign up for a minimum of 3 months. After that you can cancel at any time.  By signing up you agree to the Terms and Conditions