The online portal is a place where you can schedule workouts, keep track of your progress and book sessions with me online. There are groups that you can join within the portal such as nutrition or fitness tips and you can also complete challenges to earn fitness points.

As an additional bonus you can access all custom made club workouts – which makes working out at home easier than ever!

If you purchase a 1-2-1 Personal Training Programme or Group Programme then you receive access to the portal and app COMPLETELY FREE

  • Join the portal for only £3 per month or sign up to 12 months for one low cost of £25
  • Sign up to the portal by emailing me

The Crossley Fitness Portal is accessible online or you can download the app for Android or Apple – simply search for ‘Virtuagym’ and install it on your phone/device and login.


The Crossley Fitness Portal is accessible online or you can download the app for Android or Apple – simply search for ‘Virtuagym’ and install it on your phone/device and login.

There are lots of things you can do on the Crossley Fitness Portal such as schedule Personal Training sessions, set yourself goals, join challenges or add activities to your calendar.

Go to to login to your account on the Portal. You’ll be taken to the Start page where you can see posts from me or other users.

Click on your name (top right hand corner) to view your profile and a few guidelines on how to use the portal. But in case you missed it – here’s my how-to guide.

Click on the My apps image to see the drop down menuImage: Drop down menu

Here you have several options:

  • Schedule
  • Exercise
  • Challenges
  • Body Metrics
  • And Activity Calendar

If you want to access these quickly you can drag and drop your favourite (or most used apps) to the toolbar.



Clicking the schedule app takes you to the calendar, where you can see which Personal Training sessions are available, ones that are FULL are shaded in red.

If you want to book a session click on it and click the blue ‘book now’ button. You can even join a waiting list for a booked session, in case a spot becomes available.

PT sessions can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance or you can book recurring to reserve that slot every week. You’ll get an email to confirm your booking.


The exercise area is where you can see (and do) club workouts that I have created, or even create your very own personalised exercise plan.

You can search for different workouts according to what you want to achieve, or you can look at the individual club workouts on the right.

When you find a workout you like the sound of click ‘info’ to find out more about it such as how long the workout is, what level it is aimed at and how many weeks it is for. If you want to do the workout click ‘play’ the workout player will take you through each exercise, so you can view and do at the same time!

Want to do a workout but not right this second? Add it to your calendar, click ‘add to calendar’ and tick the days you’d like to do the workout, how long you’d like the plan to last in weeks and when you’d like to start, when you’re done click ‘ok’ and the plan will be added to your activity calendar.


Here you can see what club challenges are happening or about to start. Taking part in challenges can help drive you towards your goals and earn you fitness points.

Click on the challenge to see more information and if you want to take part click ‘join’

If you would like to set yourself your very own challenge (or even invite other Crossley Fitness members to join you) then click ‘add challenge’. You can choose various options to create a personalised challenge such as losing fat percentage or jogging a certain distance, challenges can be cumulative or all in one go.

Click the option that you need and click ‘next’ select the details of your challenge and then click ‘next step’ and then ‘save’ you can see how well you’re progressing towards this challenge in your profile. Remember to log your body metrics or activities to meet the goals in your challenge.

Body Metrics

Click the body metrics app to see how you’re progressing. After each body and fitness assessment I will update your body metrics to include your latest results. You can also add values – just scroll to the one that you want to update, enter the information and click ‘save values’ to update your information.

At the top if you click ‘graphs’ you can compare two values and see how they’ve altered over the time you’ve been training with me.


Activity Calendar

You can access your calendar at any time by clicking the activity calendar app button. Here you can see what you’ve got scheduled (with little symbols on the calendar) you can log activities and you can access various workouts through the workout player. I can even add suggested activities or workouts to your calendar!

If today is a day you’ve got something on the schedule the details are shown on the right hand side. Along the top of this section you can choose to play the workout, print it, add additional activities or tick to confirm you’ve done it. Clicking play takes you to the workout player.

Clicking on ‘Exercise History’ along the top of this section takes you to where you can log additional activities. You can view your activity monthly, last 30 days or weekly. Simply click ‘add activity’ search for what you did and click the arrow to enter the details. When you’re happy click ‘ok’ and the activity will be added. This is a great way of keeping motivated, to log what you’re doing and when.

‘Workout Player’ is where you can try various stock workouts.

Got friends that are also Crossley Fitness clients? Why not give them a thumbs up?

Or write a message on their profile to motivate them? Click on ‘groups’ to see what groups you can join or ‘members’ to see who else is – and you can write a message, orpost on their profile just like on Facebook!

Would you like to connect a Fitbit or Life Fitness product? You can connect them to the portal to track your activities, click on the drop down arrow next to your profile, and click ‘account settings’ and then ‘connections’ bottom left and then follow the instructions to connect your device.

I hope all this helps and if you need any help please don’t hesitate in contacting me and I can sit down and go through it with you. The portal can also be accessed through the Virtuagym app on your smart device.