Declan’s Story

Dedication and hard work = AMAZING Results!

Image: Declan's weightloss journeyWhen Declan’s mum; Alana, got in touch with me asking if I could help her son lose weight, to be perfectly honest I was sceptical. I was worried that because his mum was ‘making’ him do it that he would have no enthusiasm and wouldn’t try his best.

But my experience was exactly the opposite!

Declan had already started to make small changes in his lifestyle before our consultation. He had swapped from full sugar fizzy drinks to diet, had stopped having chocolate or crisps as a snack and was eating low fat or fat free yoghurts instead. When I met him he was ready for a big challenge and because of his enthusiasm and effort he has seen amazing results!

We started in Summer 2014 and by that Christmas he'd already lost 32lbs and decreased his bodyfat percentage by 6.2%

In the last 12 months Dec's had 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions once a week an he also jogs regularly. He tops up his sessions by walking and going to the gym with his Dad. By continuing to eat healthily and exercise often Dec is still seeing great results and even having a 6-week break after breaking his wrist didn't stop his progress.

What Dec says:

“I lost more than 2 stone and feel less lethargic, I enjoyed the sessions and got on well with Nic.”

Dec’s fitness has improved massively, he has gone from not being able to do a full press up to doing 20 in 1 minute. He can crunch more, step up more and his plank went from 12 seconds to over a minute!

Declan's Stats:

  • He has lost 62lbs!

  • He has lost 81.5cm from his body!

  • He has decreased his bodyfat by 14.1%

  • and increased his muscle mass by 13.4%

  • Visceral fat (the fat that clings to your internal organs) has gone from unhealthy to healthy a 8.5 point decrease!

Image: Dec in a suit

What Alana says:

“The sessions gave him inspiration to change his life for the better not only from a fitness point of view but also living a healthier lifestyle. His results are living proof that by hard work and commitment you can achieve your goal.

“Having seen the change in him from before he started the workout sessions to now, I would not wish to change anything about the sessions. I realise the sessions are not easy but through commitment and perseverance you can achieve your end goal. Nic has been a tower of strength in giving him the self-belief that he can and will achieve successful results...and he has!

“Having lost more than 3 stone, his physical appearance has boosted his self-confidence. I am proud of the hard work he has put his body through and even more proud of the results. Apart from the physical appearance, his outlook on life is totally different, far happier, and this has been noticed by family and friends.”

“Nic inspired him and gave him total support throughout his training sessions which enabled him to believe he can achieve a brighter and healthier lifestyle.”

Image: Declan's Progress

Looking back over my time with him; Dec surprised me from day one. He always kept giving 100% in every session I planned for him and when his muscles were burning and his knees said no he got right back up and worked even harder. He continues to workout once a week with me and supplements these with his home programme, a jog or a gym workout. Each workout is tailored to his new goals and he is continuing to make progress on his nutrition.

I am over the moon with his amazing results and he deserves every ounce of pride both Alana and I feel in him.