Group Personal Training in Strathearn

Image: Group TrainingLove the idea of having a Personal Trainer but concerned you can’t afford it? Spread the cost of group personal training between friends and have fun while you work out!

Perhaps you and your friends would like to lose weight? Or drop dress size or train for an event like Race for Life or MacTuff? Whatever your group goal I can help get you there.

There are many advantages of working out as a group:

  • It’s fun! You get to have a laugh, catch up and workout all at the same time!
  • You can encourage each other – you’re more likely to come to every session and keep on coming if your friends are coming too!
  • You can celebrate your achievements together – why not set a target and then reward yourselves with a spa day at the end, or a shopping trip?
  • It’s fun! Okay I’ve mentioned this twice but I really can’t stress how important a factor this is in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle – if you hate it and it feels like a chore you won’t do it, you won’t be motivated to do it and you’ll dread it – if it’s more like ‘chilling with the girls’ first and fitness second, it’ll feel more like a social gathering than hard work!

Image: Working out is fun!

Group Personal Training is for everyone:

Whether you’re an experienced fitness enthusiast, have lost your way, would like to lose weight, drop a dress size, lose the baby weight or even to just feel more confident in your own skin then I can help.

If you are entirely new to exercise and need me to ease you in gently – no problem! My programmes are completely tailored to what you want to achieve – as individuals – within the group setting.

Get all the benefits of Personal Training at a fraction of the cost!

Image: Group Personal Training TeamYou don’t even need the same goal!

If you’ve got friends with similar fitness goals to yourself, for example fat loss, then get them to come along with you and you can all work towards your goal together. But, if your friends have different goals, don’t worry that’s still achievable, your programme will just be a bit more varied to keep you ALL on your toes!

In order to provide the best fitness experience I’ll visit you for your FREE consultation covering the group’s exercise history, current activity levels and goals. The first session will include a fitness and body assessment. As with 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions the consultation is completely FREE with no obligation to buy.

Where will we train?

That’s up to you. I am happy to come to one of your houses and do home training, or we can work out in the great outdoors or in a local park. Sessions will be scheduled at times to suit you all and all Group Personal Training clients will have access to email and telephone support.