JungleFit is cancelled until further notice

The next generation of fitness has arrived!

Family workout for you and your toddler!

JungleFit is a fun animal-themed workout for parents and toddlers of all fitness levels and abilities.

JungleFit is the perfect workout for both adult and toddler, enjoy a fun exercise session where you both get a workout and have some fun too. JungleFit is about getting kids fit as early as possible keeps them fit and healthy
as they grow up. We all know that children love to copy, and JungleFit gives them the opportunity to copy you and learn habits that will benefit them later in life.


No longer will you have to choose between working out or taking your little one to a class, you both get to exercise, have fun and spend quality family time together! The current classes are aimed at toddlers who (ideally) can walk up to the age of 5. But if you're happy to carry younger infants then you're more than welcome to join in! JungleFit may soon be coming to a school near you as an afterschool club. Watch this space for more info. All JungleFit classes are 45 minutes long.

Image: JungleFit


JungleFit uses:

  • Bodyweight exercises
  • Plyometrics (jumping)
  • Cardio movements
  • Team games
  • Primal Movement patterns

JungleFit is ideal for you if:

  • You want to work out with your toddler
  • You want to wear your toddler out
  • You want to lose weight
  • You want to improve your toddler's gross motor skills, listening skills, co-ordination and co-operation skills
  • You want your exercise regime to be both FUN and QUALITY TIME with your little one.
  • You want to meet other parents of toddlers

Get your own JungleFit T-shirt! Kids only £7 and Adults £9!



“Myself and my very active two and a half year old have started going to JungleFit and we love it! I get to exercise (something i'm not fond of), the children get to exercise and it feels more like fun than hard work.”

Emma, JungleFit Participant

JungleFit was featured in this video about Derbyshire Village Games!