Mum’s Story

My mum and a group of her friends started a Group Training programme in Summer 2013, as part of those sessionsĀ I improved the groups cardio fitness, endurance, stamina and strength.


Mum says:

"When I first signed up for fitness sessions, the last thing I expected was that I would end up doing Race for Life! Part of our fitness regime involved jogging/walking round our estate. At first once was too much then gradually we increased to twice.

"When Nic said jokingly, you ought to do the Race for Life I thought 'no way' however when Nic pointed out that twice round the block was 2 miles - I started jogging once a week gradually building up to 4 times and thought 'why not have a go?'"

"I successfully completed the Race for Life at Chesterfield in 2014 and jogged the whole way! My time was 40 minutes and I plan to take part again this year and beat my time."