Tara’s Journey

Busy working mums CAN fit exercise in!

Image: Tara's weightloss journeyTara contacted me in October 2014 as she wanted to get back into running. She loved running but had gotten out of the habit of it. As a busy working mum of two feisty little girls, with a healthy social life, the main aim was to fit her workouts around her commitments and make it fun so she'd continue outside of our sessions.

Tara started working out with me twice a week and supplementing those sessions by running inbetween, by Spring 2015 she had reached her goal of running the (very steep) Lea Bunny 10k in 59 minutes and once we tackled her nutrition together she lost weight and dropped a dress size!

Now Tara has 1-2-1 Personal Training once a week but exercises 2-3 times every week on her own, she plans her workouts around her commitments and never misses out on quality family time!

Tara is living proof that you can enjoy life, workout, eat healthily AND look fabulous!

What Tara says:

“I really appreciated that Nic is a busy working mum as I am, she is realistic about the constraints of having a full time job and 2 children but helped me to find time to exercise and to make the most of the short amounts of time I have to do something. The sessions were fun and her enthusiasm and belief that I could do the exercises made me want to put in more effort. The clear changes in my shape and endurance capacity meant there were quick rewards. Having a trainer who comes to the house is time efficient and it’s impossible to wimp out when she’s stood on the doorstep raring to go.”Image: Same Dress, Big Difference

“Training with Nic has had an unexpected financial impact – literally none of my summer tops fit any more, all miles too big and mostly indecent as now so baggy. Will have to go shopping. On a happier note all my too tight trousers now fit properly and look good (but the ones that used to fit will have to go to the charity shop).”

“My lightest since pre-kids and I think what I weighed on my wedding day. I cannot thank you enough.”

Image: Tara doing Endurer Dash 2015