1-2-1 Client, Yvonne


“I enjoyed meeting Nic for the sessions because she had always planned something different for each session. This kept the sessions interesting and varied and kept me engaged as I’m not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to exercise!”

“There was nothing I really didn’t like, but I was least interested in just running. Having said that, when Nic asked me what I liked least, and I explained this to her, she then made the sessions which were essentially ‘cardio’ much more interesting by adopting a circuit training approach, and adding some short bursts of exercises at certain points round the running circuit.”

[Since the programme] “I have felt much fitter and can notice the difference when I am doing my usual exercise; hill walking. I find the uphills much easier and I don’t get out of breath and can keep going for much longer. My upper arms feel less flabby, and my waist is trimmer. Although my weight remains the same I feel more toned.”

“Nic tailors the sessions really well to meet your needs.  She gives a gradual introduction so that you are not put off by the intensity or the effort needed. As you get onto the swing of it she steps the pace up so that you are more challenged. She keeps the sessions varied and interesting, and is very supportive and encouraging – no matter how useless you are! She makes you feel like you are the centre of her attention – probably because you are! Thanks Nic.”