This BRAND NEW programme combines in-person and online training to get you the best results possible and improve your self motivation.

This is a 12-week (3 month) programme designed to lose fat, build muscle, tackle your mindset and leave you eating healthier, with a better relationship to food.

You’ll complete it:

  • Exercising more.
  • Feeling more motivated, happier and less anxious!
  • Full of energy!

AND you can fit this programme in with ANY busy lifetysle so you won’t have to:

  • Eat something different to the rest of the family
  • Sacrifice quality time with the kids
  • Become a social paraia
  • 7 hours of Personal Training (including assessments and demos)
  • 12-week workout plan to suit your individual needs (and lifestyle!)
  • Weekly catch up call in to see how you’re doing (8x 30 min catch up calls)
  • Weekly half-hour live coaching video to address any issues you might be having and celebrate your wins with the group
  • FREE access to the Crossley Fitness Online Community
  • FREE access to the Getting your Mind Right for Optimum Health online course
  • Fitness advice from myself and Nutrition advice from Jennifer Bulcock – Nutrition Consultant
  • Unlimited Group coaching from Jennifer in the private Yes! Nutrition Group
  • Recipes
  • Tips for living a healthy, sustainable life
  • Jennifer Bulcock and Myself will be doing a monthly Podcast to talk about widely held ‘myths’ surrounding diets, nutrition and fitness.
  • FREE Healthy Habit Fix Ebook and recipes from Jennifer Bulcock
  • FREE access to the Healthy Habit Fix Online Course
  • 24/7 support so if you’re struggling WE CAN HELP straight away!

2 coaches for the price of 1!

Once you’ve joined the programme you’ll get access to both online courses, both groups and the ebooks to download.

  • Week 1: Body and Fitness assessment and demo of exercises
  • Week 4: Part 1 Beasting
  • Week 8: Part 2 Beasting
  • Week 12: Part 3 beasting and final assessments
  • Weekly call at a time to suit you (each week apart from weeks 4, 8 and 12)
  • Live group coaching call/Q&A every Sunday at 6pm.


Fee feedback “My original goal – Was to feel healthier, happier and strong. I did want to lose a little weight but this was second on the priority list.  You are sign posting me to available resources, have introduced me to the “path of least resistance”. Given me metaphors that I can think about at times when I am struggling ie. Tires and not puncturing the other three if one is flat. You make me feel as though I can achieve anything, it’s nice to know that someone believes in you.”

“I will continue to work with you because I know how much effort you put into your job, how you don’t deliver a one size fits all and that everything is geared to the individual. I think you offer a truly holistic service (mind, body and soul).”

Gethin Goal: Get fitter and gain more muscle mass to increase strength.

“I am now i think around the heaviest I’ve ever been (in a good way!), feel fit and my shape has changed… so much so that my jeans now fall down 😂 even though they are the same size I’ve worn for 20 years! Plus managed to do god knows how many Burpees (160??) on Monday and my thighs still feel it.”


Image: 8-week progress pics

Jennie joined the programme with the aim to increase upper body strength and reduce her body fat and she has experience Improved body fat to muscle ratio, weight loss and reduced waistline (now a size 10!).

“Absolutely do it Nic will be your biggest cheerleader and inspiration!”

“Absolutely do it Nic will be your biggest cheerleader and inspiration!”

Karen joined to increase her stamina and tone her wobbly bits.

“My stamina has definately increased, I have lost some weight although that wasn’t my aim but is a bonus and have lost a few inches too. Things in general look firmer.” “I would highly reccomend Nic. She is not one of those scary fitness freaks! She is realistic and encouraging and a nice (normal) person who is obviously passionate about what she does. However she works you hard but that’s the point of joining, to achieve results!”

  • You meet everyone else’s needs and neglect your own…
  • You’re tired all the time and want more energy…
  • You want your diet to be as healthy and balanced as you make sure your kids’ are…
  • You want to break old self destructive habits and forge new healthier ones…
  • You want the fitness levels to keep up with the kids…
  • You want a body that will drive your other half crazy with desire (and tons of stamina)…
  • You’re driven and motivated and want to succeed (just as you do with your family and work)…
  • You want to be happy and full of confidence…
  • You’re ready to make a change!

This Hybrid programme can help you lose weight AND be stress free with a happier relationship with food!

8-week results

I get results!


No faddy diet plan


No gruelling hours and hours of boring cardio


No deprivation


No making one meal for you and a different one for everyone else!


No misery

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Are you ready to stop the endless cycle and make a change?

With so much information, faddy diets, celebrity endorsed products and trainers out there it’s hard to know where to turn. But what if you had unlimited access to someone who’s been there and knows exactly what you’re going through?

Someone who’s looked down at their body and felt disconnected and angry, someone who’s been so tired they couldn’t get off the sofa? That was me…

As a mum of 2 young boys I know how difficult it can be to fit exercise and healthy eating into your routine, sometimes it can be hard enough to find 5 minutes to pee! However, with small changes, consistency and a positive coach to guide you BIG RESULTS can be achieved.

Nic qualified is a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, accredited with REPs and has been training clients since 2013 helping them lose weight, improve their fitness, gain confidence and feel more energised.


As part of the Yes! Fitness Hybrid Programme I am delighted to offer you a second expert for FREE!

Jennifer Bulcock, Nutrition Consultant, is going to be doing weekly nutrition checks – to really sort out your nutrition and see where tweaks can be made to improve your eating habits for the better, AND UNLIMITED group coaching through the Yes! Nutrition Facebook Group.

Image: Jennifer BulcockJennifer works with clients around the globe, providing expert nutrition advice for both individuals and families. She has featured with the charity, Fuel For School, on Good Morning Britain, and also regularly speaks on local radio shows such as BBC Radio Leeds, Hallam FM and Aire FM.

She is a guest blogger for PT Magazine, MuscleFood and has appeared on a variety of fitness Podcasts, including; Ben Coomber Radio, In The Arena Fitness, and the Rachel Holmes Podcast.

Jennifer has most recently connected with The Children’s E-Hospital, providing advice as part of their Better Health Plan, including free seasonal family meal planners.

Jennifer works with clients to build sustainable lifestyle habits, leading to a healthy relationship with all food. No more failed quick fixes or yo-yo dieting.

All advice complies with the Association For Nutrition code of conduct. The benchmark in evidence based nutrition advice.

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