Get Started

Get stuck in to the Habit Fix Challenges in the Yes Nutrition Handbook details what we'll be looking at each week over the next 3 months.

Confused about what foods go into which categories - then you'll need to look at the Yes Nutrition Food groups handbook and handy guide to telling your carbs from your protein.

Record your progress each week in the Yes Nutrition progress diary this is a vital tool in observing your progress. If we don't know where you started (or how you felt) how can we tell what has improved? Let us worry about the actual numbers you just focus on tracking and getting to grips with the Habit Fix Challenges.

Finally we've provided some sample recipes for you to have a go at in the Yes Nutrition - example recipes please feel free to share your own recipes in the Yes Nutrition Facebook Group and be sure to look out for #tastytuesday where we'll be adding recipes of our own!